Wednesday, January 19, 2011

first blog of 2011 (finally)

I keep meaning to post, but I also keep waiting for something exciting to post about. This month has continued the no-sleep, constant cough, clingy, whiny (for no apparent reason) streak. I am exhausted. Dan is even more exhausted because I at least fall back asleep when we've been up for hours in the middle of the night. He can't fall back asleep and just stays up. We've been to 2 different doctors this week and both pretty much say there's nothing wrong with her (except a bad diaper rash that popped up yesterday evening). The 2nd doctor was willing to prescribe Zyrtec to see if the cough is related to post-nasal drip and the nasal drainage possibly related to allergies. I'm not very hopeful because 1) I'm a pessimist by nature and 2) 2011 has just been 2 1/2 weeks of disappointment so far and I doubt that will change any time soon.

We are on night 2 of that, night 1 was unsuccessful. Actually, she fell asleep great and we didn't hear a peep.... for 3 hours. And then she was up crying and could not be put down so she ended up in bed with us again. Dan is worried that it's just become a pattern to come to bed with us, but I still worry that some thing's wrong and don't want to leave her crying in her crib if she's not feeling well.

On a positive note, we had a good time at the National Aquarium in Baltimore over our 3 day weekend. (And Emma actually slept the night before and after. Dan claims she slept in the hotel there, but I think she was moving around too much to have really slept well.) After that trip we thought we'd hit a turning point in the sleep problems, but then it got worse.

I have to go out of town tomorrow over night. I feel horrible leaving when she is like this. I know Dan will do fine without me and is totally capable of taking care of her. But I also know that lack of sleep and the sound of your baby screaming in the middle of the night can quickly wear anyone down. Plus, it's not like his day job is a cake-walk. I know I fall into the trap of thinking that his job is easier than mine (because he only makes 1 set of plans a day and repeats them 4 times vs. plans for 4 subjects), but I do realize that his job is tougher in other areas. And those areas are ones that I could not handle.