Friday, May 13, 2011

Baby Brag

I have been absolutely horrible at keeping up with the blog in 2011. It would be putting it mildly to say that I've been in a bit of a funk. As summer finally approaches I'm starting to feel better (although the testing tension is rising as we're now in the single digits until exams). I think Dan and I will be so relieved when this school year is over. I've applied for 3 new jobs, but never heard anything. Definitely disappointed to not even get an interview. Oh well.

Now, on to the interesting stuff about Emmaline that you come here to see anyway!

Em's vocabulary continues to expand weekly (sometimes even daily). Her list of words includes: no (still an all-time favorite), mama, mommy, dada, nana (banana), og (dog), ball, bear, Abby (apple, Abby Cadabby, and Gabby), Aiden (friend at school), sit, shoe, saw (sock), wa (water), doll, Jo Jo (all cats, not just Jonah), boo (peekaboo), Misha (daycare lady), cracker, mine, hi, uh-oh, mommy's shoe, stop it, jump, one, two, three, seven, hey, quack-quack (duck), sippy, baba (bottle), hey, shhh, nose, eye, open, shut, cookie (for treats and for Cookie Monster), Nernie (Ernie), Amy, Emmy, Papa, nigh-nigh, eat. She's starting to combine words too like "no, mine", and "no dada" and "mama, sit" "no, no, Jo-Jo". Notice a theme?

She has also started singing. So far she sings "C is for Cookie" by Cookie Monster (she just repeats Cookie and then does the "Oooooo" part and she also sings the "No, No, No" song by Oscar and the Grouchkateers. She wags her finger and shakes her head right along. It's pretty stinkin' adorable!

As for other accomplishments:

*Can drink from a cup (but still wants milk in a bottle)

*Runs and kicks a ball (and throws pretty well too)

*She's been sleeping in a big girl bed for about a month

*She peed in the potty 2x (and on the floor 2x tonight)

*Walks up and down the stairs holding a rail

*Walks on the balance beam and tries to jump off

*Can take her pants off and put them on, same with shirts with a little assistance

*Has 16 teeth

*Gives closed mouth kisses and bear hugs

*Does simple puzzles (with the handles)

*Matches up animal pictures

*Points to all sorts of things in her books (Ernie, bottle, glasses, duck, baby, bear, apple, banana, sippy, flower, bunny, ball, boat, cat, dog, bird)

* "Plays" her recorder and drum

*Spoon feeds herself without much mess (really loves her soy yogurt)

*Pretend feeds us and her stuffed animals

*Is starting to jump (practices on the bed nightly)

*Points to a body parts when asked (nose, mouth, tongue, ears, eyes, eye brow, hair, head, toes, belly, elbow, butt)

*Throws her trash away (and occasionally ours)

*Does her chores - feeding the cats, putting her clothes in the laundry basket

*Throws championship level tantrums