Sunday, March 6, 2011

Time for a change

Emmaline's hair has been driving me crazy lately! She has a lot of hair, but it's very fine like mine. That means it sticks all over the place. Her bangs had gotten very long and she was looking like a ragamuffin. I've been trying to avoid giving her a haircut, because it never turns out well and I want it to grow out. But yesterday I decided the bangs just had go to and went ahead and (purposely) chopped them super short. I think it has a bit of an Audrey Hepburn-ish feel to it. There are still some strands that I didn't cut that keep falling in front, but I think with a little time they can be trained to go to the side instead. The pics today are BEFORE and AFTER shots of the hair cut.

This week she has added "hi", "bye-bye", and "bear" to her vocabulary. She also says "moo" when we talk about animal sounds.

She has definitely developed an independent streak and I think we are officially in the "Terrible 2's" stage. She really wants to do things on her own and quickly goes into a full tantrum when you try to help. Meals are still a rough time with her throwing things all over the place. We went ahead and took her to the doctor to make sure her ears looked fine (they do). The doctor assured us that she won't starve herself and to keep exposing her to a variety of foods, but don't freak out if she gets picky for a while. I think that has helped us relax about it and in return she hasn't been a complete monster the last few nights when it comes to food. Bedtime, on the other hand, has gotten worse instead of better! She used to flip out when it was time for bed and then she was suddenly okay with it for several weeks. Now she is back to screaming and crying. It took 2 hours to get her down the other night! Thankfully (knock on wood) she sleeps well once she's out.